Balance Bootcamp

Each year, 36 million falls occur, tragically resulting in 36,000 fatalities. I'm here to change that stat. 


Access a 5-part series of Pilates classes to enhance your balance 

Research indicates that poor balance leads to a shorter lifespan. As a certified Pilates Instructor specializing in working with mature adults, I possess a wealth of experience in targeting and strengthening the specific areas of the body essential for enhancing balance

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Improve your balance and quality of life with this series of 5 Pilates classes that will leave you feeling grounded and confident in your movements.

Happy to let you know that all the balance work and Pilates breathing techniques that your classes consistently provide have given me the stamina and confidence to climb rugged trails up and down. I’m into Pilates for life. Thank you!

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Joann B.

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Elevate your fitness routine with this dynamic series, designed to enhance your balance, strength, and overall well-being.

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